Units 3 & 4 Project

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EnergoNuclear S.A. (EN) was created in 2009 and is the company in charge with construction, commissioning and operation of Units 3&4 at Cernavoda. EN is a vehicle for promotion of Units 3 and 4 investment putting into application the investors’ decisions.
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Energonuclear – Project Keypoints

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According to the document Energy Strategy of Romania during the period 2007-2020 approved by Governmental Decision No. 1069/2007 one of priorities of energy production strategy is to continue the nuclear energy program by finalizing Units 3 and 4 of Cernavoda NPP. Citește mai mult

Energonuclear – Current status

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  • EPC procedure in place;
  • Updating Process for Site PSHA – Finalized;  The PSHA was assessed and confirmed by IAEA experts and thus, the seismic design basis were set;
  • Feasibility Study was performed by Ernst & Young and demonstrates that the project is feasible both technical and economically;
  • Strategy for Construction License – approved by CNCAN;
  • Support documents for Letter of Comfort – approved by CNCAN.  The Letter of Comfort confirms, based on the support documentation sent by EN, that safety goals for Units 3 and 4 Project can be achieved;
  • Safety assessment of the impact of design changes proposed in the Licensing Basis Documents for Units 3 and 4 similar with stress analysis reports-completed.