Cernavoda 6 a Safe Technology

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CANDU 6 is a safe technology with a successful track-record over the last decades. It was designed specifically for electricity production. This focused development is one of the reasons that CANDU reactors have such high fuel efficiency.

The main characteristics of CANDU 6 reactor are:

Natural uranium fuel

Heavy water moderator

Channel-type reactor

On-power refuelling

Fully automated operation

Computer controlled

CANDU 6 has an appropriate combination of inherent, passive, engineered and administrative safety characteristics

•Reactivity control

  • Control rods absorbers
  • Poison injection

•Shutdown of the reactor

  • 2 fully capable shutdown systems

•Control Rooms

  • 2 control rooms (Main and Secondary Control Room)

•Emergency Power Supply

  • 2 Sets of Diesel Generators

As part of its original design, CANDU 6 reactor has inherent passive sources of decay heat removal following reactor shutdown. The Reactor Core and the water inventories as passive features preventing severe accidents is presented below.


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