Cernavoda 6 a Safe Technology

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CANDU 6 is a safe technology with a successful track-record over the last decades. It was designed specifically for electricity production. This focused development is one of the reasons that CANDU reactors have such high fuel efficiency. Citește mai mult

Cernavoda 3 & 4 Nature Frendly

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The first nuclear power plant in Romania, operating at Cernavoda, is developed on CANDU 600- PHWR (Canadian Deuterium Uranium 600- Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor) concept. Citește mai mult

U 3&4 compliance with National and International Standards

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Cernavoda 3&4 civil construction was started in the 1980s, but was later stopped and the project has been largely inactive ever since. About 50 percent of the civil work was completed for Unit 3 and about 30 percent was completed for Unit 4. This includes partial construction of the two reactor buildings and service buildings / turbine buildings. Besides the civil work, very little other construction activity, such as equipment installation, was ever begun. Citește mai mult